China a Model of Globalization

China a Model of Globalization

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China A Model Of Globalization: Adaptation To Globalization, Its Economical And Social Impact On China

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BA (Hons) Business Studies
London School Of Commerce

Report Prepared For London School Of Commerce

11th April 11, 2012

Introduction: This is a report to understand and evaluate the concept of Globalization, in the context of economic and social aspect of a country.

Hill’s Statement On Globalization

“Globalization refers to a shift towards a more integrated and interdependent world economy” (Hill, 2011)

By this statement it is been tried to convey the impact of globalization on world economy as a whole. Globalization has changed the world economy to act as one, connecting one country’s economy to other economies of the world. Globalization caused countries economy to depend on each other and harmonize. (Hill, 2011)

Origin And Understanding Of Globalization

The history or root of globalization has always been debatable. Some academics claim that globalization emerged in the modern age and other scholars held a different view, claiming that the origin of globalization has a long history. Economic historian, sociologist and founder of 'Dependence theory' Andre Gunder Frank, beliefs that globalization exited since the rise of trade links between Sumer and the Indus Valley Civilization in the third millennium B.C. However, as pointed out by critics, Frank’s view deals with a wider definition of globalization. (Platform Economic Geography, 2010)

There are two aspects of globalization, economic globalization and social globalization.

Economic globalization is the progression of human evolution through praxis of knowledge and innovation. It’s the transaction or trade of goods, services, capital, labor and knowledge between countries, the increasing dependency between economies of the World. (International Monetary Fund, 2008)

Social globalization deals with the impact of globalization on the life of...

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