Chinese New Year Tradition

Chinese New Year Tradition

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walau a!Chinese New Year

The most important celebration for Chinese community is the Chinese New Year. Chinese New Year has been a tradition for centuries. Every people of different culture can join in the celebration, even non-Chinese Buddhist.

Usually, it falls on January or February. In Chinese beliefs, we have our very own zodiacs, twelve of them as well. It starts with the rat, followed by the cow, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, goat, monkey, rooster, dog and the pig. This year is the rat’s year. Fengshui masters say that there will be much luck this year and things will go smooth.

Before the new year, each and every family will clean their houses. For example, sweeping, changing of bed sheets or curtains, and even repaints. Cookies, pastries and drinks are a must for treating guests. I bought a lot of clothes which are beautiful but expensive.

My family and I always return to my grandma’s house in Penang. On the first day, we wake up early and put on new clothes to wait for other relatives for some traditional greetings. Then, we will get along for the whole day and have a reunion dinner at night, specially prepared by ladies in the family.

After food, we would appreciate every time left to spend with each other as it is the only day which we can be together. The kids will play with safe firecrackers to prevent any accidents.

We say ‘Gong Xi Fa Cai’ to people we meet and children or singles would receive angpau’s. Since it is a holiday, we would most enjoy having a vacation nearby. Other than that, visiting far relatives is also necessary.

My hope for this wonderful new year is that everyone will live in harmony and happiness. May all the elders can live a longer, healthier life and families prosper.

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