Cinex Asia 2009

Cinex Asia 2009

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Informa presents India’s only dedicated B2B trade show that brings together the crucial verticals in the film and television industry ' production, post-production, distribution and exhibition - under one roof - Cinex Asia 2009

Showcasing cutting edge solutions and innovations from global service providers, suppliers and manufacturers that service the end to end chain from content creation to consumption

A world class, 3 day international exhibition and conference with highly focussed seminars, panels and group discussions with a unique and dedicated networking opportunity

Dedicated to film-makers and content creators that seek information, knowledge, opportunity and trend-setting innovations that will help formulate, conceptualise and execute the labyrinth of ideas that exist in the mind

Event Highlights Include:

* Global Perspective on the future of Content Creation, Delivery and Management
* Industry Leader driven Knowledge Forums
* Interactive Business Development Sessions
* Panels on understanding the Creative Landscape
* International Networking Receptions

Market Potential

* The Indian film industry is the largest in the world in terms of ticket sales and number of films produced annually and produces around 1000 movies a year
* India accounts for 73% of movie admissions in the Asia-Pacific region, and earnings are currently estimated at US$ 8.9 billion
* The Indian Entertainment and Media (E&M) industry is one of the fastest growing sectors in the country and is expected to grow at 18% p.a. to reach US$ 23.81 billion by 2012
* The Indian E&M industry is poised to become US$ 20 billion industry by 2011. The industry is estimated to be worth US$ 9 billion currently
* The Indian television industry is likely to grow by 22% over the next 5 years and be worth US$ 12.34 billion by 2012
* Film production is recently gaining strong impetus from the growth of multiplex...

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