Citizen Cane

Citizen Cane

Answer questions briefly but fully on the sheet below. Use the back of the page to coninue an answer, if necessary.

1. Describe the action of the camera and the setting at the opening of the film.

The camera during the opening of the film is meant to placed at eye level. In other words, it is meant to seem as if we, ourselves, are the ones that are "trespassing." The setting at the opening of the film is dark and gloomy.

2. In the bedroom scene, what action shows us that Kane has died?

The action that shows us that Kane has died is the fact that the nurse crosses his arms across his chest, and then she proceeds to pull a white sheet over his face.

3. Name one (or more) historic (non-fiction) figure(s) with whom we see Kane standing with in the "newsreel" about his death?

One historic figure whom we see Kane standing with is Adolf Hitler.

4. What specific assignment is the magazine reporter given which causes him to start interviewing people about Kane?

The magazine reporter is given the assignment of finding the meaning of the final word that Mr. Kane spoke before his death; "Rosebud."

5. What unusual camera technique is used when the reporter visits Susan Kane at her nightclub? (How is the scene introduced?)

The camera comes in from the roof of the bar and then goes through a window to show Susan Kane sitting alone at a table.

6. Where does the reporter go to get information about Kane's relationship with the banker Thatcher?

The reporter goes to the Thatcher Memorial Library.

7. What is the young Kane doing while his parents negotiate with Thatcher to take Charles away?

The young Kane is playing in the snow, and he is also riding a sled.

8. What does Charles do to Thatcher when he is first introduced to him by his parents?

When Charles is first introduced to Thatcher he pushes him to the ground with his sled after he finds out that he will be going away for good with Thatcher.

9. What does Thatcher think...

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