Civil Rights for All

Civil Rights for All

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Civil Rights for all U.S. Citizens
June 17, 2013
English 115 Monday 5:45 pm to 9:45 pm
Zachary Wright
Professor Wright
Strayer University

This paper examines the Civil Rights of homosexual marriages in America today and, the arguments that it represent. Also the voices of children that are in the U.S. that lives with same-sex- couples. Other issues that will be foreseen in this paper are the pro and cons of gay marriage, and the Political view, and how the Supreme Court justifies this National matter. Discrimination is something that has been around for centuries however; this document will demonstrate how it still exists in society today. Most importantly, everyone should be treated equal according to, the Constitution of the United States. While exploring certain facts in this story you will see how Lawmakers have a difficult time with making a decision on gay marriage because of, the Religion point of view on gay marriage.

Key Words: Civil Rights, Constitution, Gay Marriage, United States.

Civil Rights for all U.S. Citizens
Banned in more than, 40 States and lawmakers see homosexual marriages in the U.S. as second hand citizens. The Constitution of the United State states that all citizens are entitled to enjoy equal rights in this country. Many lawmakers and judges often forget about gay rights when deciding an legal actions and legal recognition. However, the right to have a relationship legally recognized is one that is not currently equal for all U.S. citizens in all states. In society today, things are changing at a rapid pace, and it leans toward the younger generation or generations to come. Gay marriage and heterosexual marriage in some states are not equal far as federal benefits and assets. The Constitution states that all should have the right to enjoy equal rights then gay marriage should have that right in all states instead of a few. This Nation strength is based on the land of the free and equal rights to all U.S....

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