Classroom Teaching Versus Online Teaching

Classroom Teaching Versus Online Teaching

Independent writing 2nd test
Question : Do you agree that classroom teaching is not required and the online teaching should replace it.
I am a man for technological developments, but I do not agree the point that distance learning and online can replace the conventional classroom reading.

Having contact with the teacher is an essential in learning. For example, if I like a teacher I would read the subject he is handling and it is vice versa. In addition to this when I am able to see him personally I can get good guidelines for improving myself. This is possible only when the teacher is able to assess me in the class room by seeing me personally .This option is not there in the online class at all. The attention of the teacher on students is surely lacking in such cases.

The online classes will give the feeling of seeing a film and there is no liveliness in it. It will be dry. The teacher can not predict the result of his teaching in terms of understanding as there is no face to face exposure in online class. If he is able to do this he can change the pace of the of the discourse or even repeat some points till it gives clarification to the students.

The possibility for worthy interaction between the students and teacher is less in case online class. Psychologically the rate of attention in persons presence is increased and it gives positive results in the academic performance in the student. This notion will spoil the employment opportunity of the teaching community. Education may become a business in due course.

The distance learning by the online classes may be one tool for using in special occasions and to be used in exigency. but applying this technique in all cases will lead to poor quality of education consequently the poor career performance by the outgoing students.

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