Clean It Up

Clean It Up

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Clean it Up

Clean up the earth,
so it could be a sparkling clean place for us all !
Clean up the earth,
so we can see the gorgeous blue and green on our planet.
The blue and green will shine in our eyes if we clean it up.
So clean it up,
so that we don't see any garbage ~
any time or any day.
Clean it up
and live in a world of happiness.
The world we live in can be cleaned up and we can be happy!

Our Earth

Our Earth is a blue ball with pieces of land.   If you don't take care of the land it will be all smelly and yucky.  If people keep cutting down plants and trees we will have no air to breathe.  If you want to help us save the earth.  Join in !

Earth is excellent
And with many plants
Round and round it goes.
The earth is dying
Help it now !

Look Outside

Look Outside, see the trees
Watch the flowers in the breeze
Things won't be like this in a year or two
If polluting is all we do
Seize the night
Seize the day
Things won't always be this way
Thousands of people are dying
In the night you hear children crying
Let's stop the war
Our people are sore
The world can't help itself
Who cares about your wealth
Help me to help you
Show the world what you can do.

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