Climate Change and Agriculture

Climate Change and Agriculture

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Climate change: It is largely caused by human activities and it presents very serious global risks for everyone around the world. Human activities especially the combustion of fossil fuels, are releasing large amount of green house gasses such as carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. This increasing level of green house gas causes global warming.

Global warming has numerous effects on the environment and naturally affects all life on earth. The social and economic implications are extremely serious and could threaten life on earth. Without radical change in the way we live and the indiscriminate release of ozone depleting substances into the atmosphere, climate change as a result of global warming will affect us in many ways and adversely affect many professions.

Because climate change will have a negative impact on the environment certain industries and professions will be heavily affected. In the Caribbean the industries and professions which will be most affect are agriculture, health, building and engineering just to name a few.


Ocean conditions such as water temperatures and current patterns are changing due to climate change and these changes directly affect the numbers and the location of different species of fish especially due to extensive damage of the coral reefs. The livelihood of fishermen in the developing countries and in the tropics will suffer. With diminishing catches of fish, fishing as a profession will become unattractive and fishermen will leave the sea in search of better means to survive. On the other hand there is prospect for marine biologists. Marine biologists can use their knowledge to improve the design of the marine protected areas. Also they can offer protection and a recovery plan for extinct species of fish.

As the climate changes, temperature rises, causing heat stress on crops and animals. With reduced rainfalls and more droughts, wilting, reduce growth rates and lower yields are as a result. Also...

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