Cloning Paper

Cloning Paper

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Scientific Breackthroug Paper
Miguel A. Casanova Canales
Course: PHL/458 Creative Minds and Critical Thinking

One of the major discoveries and breakthrough in history is the automobile. As we move

forward with technological advancements, automobiles are more advanced, upgrades is no

exemption and the looks and body styles are remarkable. By researching the automobile history,

it was found that the development of the auto, came from various or multiple thinkers with

different goals and idea. With the idea of creating something more than a bicycle was Karl Benz,

an engineer and inventor who lived in Germany during the 1800’s and early 1900’s. On January

29, 1886, Karl Benz presented the first car ever made in the history of mankind at Manheim,

Germany, developing an Industrial Revolution. Karl Benz gained acquaintance with the

“boneshaker” bicycle, this prompted him to think of ways to mechanizing road transport. He

became interested in Lenoir’s gas engine, which I will talk about this later and made himself

aware of recent developments in the field. He concluded that some petroleum derivatives might

be suitable as fuel. He produced his first car in 1885; it was a tricycle with the four stroke engine.

He invented the first electrical ignition, this creative ability helped him be successful and turn his

ideas into reality.

But before Karl Benz thought about inventing and creating an automobile; a multiple of

inventors, creative thinkers and engineers had ideas and the motivation of creating self

propelled vehicle with engines of steam; For example: a car that would use water in order to run,

the problem with this vehicles was that, they were big and cumbersome. Nicholas Cugnot, built

the Cugnot Carriage in 1769. Nicholas was a military engineer that created and assembled a three

wheeled steam powered tractor (J.B Rauck. 2008). Another example of creative thinkers that

came with...

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