Cm 3100 Leadership Impact Response

Cm 3100 Leadership Impact Response

Leadership Impact
Ohio Christian University

Deborah Burd
December 10, 2012

(Before I post my response, a little background is needed. Our current owner just took ownership a few months ago after one of the two original owners died. Her father, the original owner, is still in power but he does very little within the company and only spends a few days a month having anything to do with the business. Our owner was a corporate attorney but left her job, at the request of her father, once the other partner became ill. She tried to get her father to sell the business after the death of his partner but he declined.)

Our current active owner, in an attempt to raise the value of the business, has set goals that cannot be reached with the amount of employees that are on payroll. Many of us work 12 or more hours a day, although we are only paid for eight hours. The general attitude from our owner is that this is expected of us. She does not seem to have any regard for her employees when she sets these goals. It appears that her personal goal is to eventually sell the business and is trying to set goals that business is not equipped to reach. Rather than doing what is right for the business, she has her own agenda and is making poor decisions and setting unreachable goals, which she holds her staff responsible for. She has not taken into account the timeliness of the goal or the company and its staff when making these decisions and goals.
The company morale is down and people who have been employed there for many years are now looking for other employment. This area has never been a prosperous place to live and if someone has a job at a fast food restaurant, they are considered lucky. To have employees who once believed that they would retire from this company now looking for other employment paints a true picture of the change in the leadership of the company. She has fired other employees who have not been able to do as much as feels...

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