Co Education

Co Education

IN 1635, JOHN COTTON INTRODUCED THE MODERN SCHOOLING SYSTEM. If we talk about ISLAM, It tells the man and woman
not to get close with each other and not to interect with each other. Now Pakistan was established in the name of
Islam. We have separate education institutes up to the 12th standard.
But Public sector came up with this idea that co-educational institutes are required,After that, at University level
We dont have sufficient funds to establish separate universities for boys and girls. SO thats where
Co-educational system came in as both the genders have to get study in same institution...
Now question arises that do Girls and Boys perform better in Co-Education or Single-gender education......

Thinking of people varies from person to person.. Some of them thinks that Co is better for
girls and boys as It develops confidence, maintains interection which is better for both in a long run
or maybe a source of competition.. and other say thay single-gender schools are the best choice and
they think that being a Muslim, What It tells us is benificial for us as Islam
prohibits interaction between boys and girls before marriage.
I think that Students in single gender schools, and colleges are more better in their acedamic performance


1.I think whatever Islam tells us is in the best interest of us. It is the perfect code of life.
Now as we look into this education matter, I think Co-Education tends to deviate students attention
from studies at the school and college level, a boy or the girl is not mature enough at that time
and it provides chances for the to intermingle with each other, they gets involve into activities
swapping mobile numbers, love, affair etc
e.g My School

2. Some boys or girls perform far more better in Single gendered school as they hasitate to perform or
participate in class in front of opposite gender. They are shy people. These people performs far more
fuller in the single-gender schools and...

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