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Coca-Cola started off as caramel coloured syrup, invented by Dr John Styth Pemberton, selling at the local pharmacy in Atlanta, Georgia, for only five cents a glass. The pharmacy was selling a mere 9 glasses a day in its first year, and over a century later, the Coca- Cola company has produced over 10 billion gallons of syrup.

Today, the Coca-Cola company is not only selling over 1.3 billion of their beverages daily, but they have expanded and produced over 400 other products/beverages to sell to the world. Some of these other well known beverages produced are Fanta, Sprite, Powerade, Diet coke, as well as many different flavours added to coke itself such as vanilla coke, cherry coke etc.

When Coca-Cola first opened their first few factories, they had minimal employees as they didn’t have enough to pay them. Figures in February 2000, show that the Coca-Cola company employed approximately 31, 808 people around the globe.

Countries Australia New Zealand Indonesia Figi Phillipines Papua New Guinea South Korea
Number of Employess 2000 3486 7860 294 15695 652 2984

Profits and sales for the company have changed dramatically. To a glass costing five cents in a local American pharmacy, to today where coca-cola is a trademark that 95% of people internationally would recognise. With the company’s 400 different beverages, Coca Cola is now selling over 48 billion of their products daily.

The Coca-Cola company have gained, and it has been well deserved of, success. There could be many possibilities why the company has grown to one of the worlds biggest trademarks in our time. It could have been because Mr J.S Pemberton sold his company to a more worth businessman, as Pemberton was more of an inventor and in no such means a businessman/profit maker. It could also be due to the fact that Coca Cola got onto producing many different flavours of beverages in a short time and gave the world plenty more options to choose from. Either way Coca-Cola is...

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