Market Trends of Coke

Market Trends of Coke

Market Trends of Coca-Cola
Belinda Eaves, Tonya Everson, Will Merrill
Phillip Griffith, professor
June 3, 2008

Market Trends of Coca-Cola
Market trends are increasing and evolving in everyday life. However, as it evolves, it regenerates itself into a more advanced outlook. Always, remember, nothing is forever. From fashion to inflation, our economy reincarnates itself through the patterns of consumption. Although one is aware of the influence of what leads them into the desires of consumption, in day-to-day decision-making, the determining aspect that drives market trends is constructed by one’s opinion or behavior. With that being said, the choice of what goods and services we value – and what cultural meanings to represent – becomes increasingly a marketing decision of how many ticket sales, book sales, symphony subscribers, etc., will be generated. In this corporative, profit-motivated environment, market trends affect the way society spends is growing, since mass consumption of the highest levels possible is the ultimate goal.

Market Structure
The market structure of the product in the late 1800’s was designed to cure headaches. Over the years Coca-Cola was sold to different entrepreneurs’. Today Coca-Cola is nationally known and is enjoyed by many consumers. Coca-Cola has made its way internationally and sponsored the United States Olympics. Coca-Cola has also been environmentally friendly. The company has opened up recycling plants to recycle the plastic bottles to cut down on the cost of producing plastic bottles and also the company is producing a line of clothes made from plastic bottles. The plant is located in South Carolina and by the year 2009 we as consumers should see the clothes line out in stores such as Wal Mart.

Impact of new companies entering the market
The first thing a company has to look at is do they have the marketing ability and the supply and demand for a new product. Coca-Cola Company has...

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