College Stress

College Stress

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College Stress

Jack’s heart pounds as he casts panicked looks around the classroom. He doesn’t recognize

the professor, he doesn’t know any of the students, and he can’t even figure out what the subject

is. In front of him is a test. At the last minute his roommate awakens him. It’s only another

anxiety dream. The very fact that dreams like Jack’s are common suggests that college is a

stressful situation for young people. The causes of this stress can be academic, financial, and


Academic stress is common for all students in the world. Such type of college stress is the

most easiest form and it comes to the students when they have a lot to read, learn or to present

some material in front of a public. A student can feel this form of stress as during his semester so

and during his final exams. As a rule each student had ever had an academic stress and it doesn’t

turn into a really big problem because it lasts not for a very long period.

In adittion to academic stress, the student often feels financial pressure during the year of

study. A lot of students study abroad to get a better education and don’t have their own houses.

That’s why they have to pay for the rent of apartments and they need to buy products to eat and

it’s not as easy as it seems to be because they have to work in case if their parents don’t give

them money enough. Also a students can have problems withtuition fee if is not excellent in


Along with academic and finacial worries, the student faces personal pressures. Personal

pressures acn come up to the student at any day and any moment and can be caused by different

reasons. For example, when a student has some problems in relations with his groupmates or

with some of professors, he has a terrible stress and pressure inside of himself and any person

can have some conflicts...

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