Post-Secondary Research Chart

1. Name of institution/option/organization: Trine University
Location: Angola IN

2. This school/option/organization is: Private (Independent)

3. The setting is: Small city

4. Calendar year follows: Other (Explain): Unknown

5. Degrees/certificates/licensure offered by the institution or organization: Associate’s and bachelors

6. Total number of students or participants:1,875
Number/percentage of females:35
Number/percentage of males:65

7. Number of freshman that applied:
Number of freshman (or percentage) that were accepted:75%
Number of freshman (or percentage) that enrolled:1,875

8. List four requirements for acceptance into this institution or organization:
(If researching a school, list test scores required, average GPAs, specific high-school credits needed, etc.)
1. Transcript of high school record

2. Minimum high school GPA of 2.5

3. Have to get at least 570 on reading SAT

4. Have to get 620 on Math SAT

9. What is the application procedure and deadline for this organization or institution? For fall freshman’s you must sign up by August 1st

10. What is the tuition OR what stipend would you receive?
In-state: 29.300
Room & Board: 9,800.00

11. List three extra-curricular activities offered at this institution:

1. Drama

2. Marching band

3. Choral groups

12. What is the retention rate (the number of students returning to the school the following year) of this institution or organization (if applicable)? N/a

13. After completing your research, in your own opinion (internal source), list two advantages, and two disadvantages of this post-secondary option:
1.They have housing for the students
1.Its far from home
2.They also have a drama and things I want to study.
2.Not very many girls at the school.


Post-Secondary Research Chart

1. Name of...

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