Commmunicative Surverys

Commmunicative Surverys

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Communication Skills Survey

Amber Grunwald
May 5, 2009
Friends University

The communication skills survey helped me understand three skills that are important when it comes to being a good communicator. The three skills tested in this survey were feedback, listening and articulation skills.
My feedback skills score was fifteen. That is right in the middle of the scoring table. It is, in fact, a little higher than I expected. I am not very good at expressing feedback, because I usually just go with what everyone else wants to do. There are three feedback strengths that I do possess though. The first one is that I delay my thoughts before I do give feedback. Delaying my feedback for a minute helps me get my thoughts together so I make sure and not say the wrong thing and be critical. The second feedback skill I possess is that when I do give feedback, I just speak on the subject matter, and not let my feelings come into the conversation. The third skill is that I make sure a person wants feedback before I give it. Some people take feedback the wrong way in certain situations. Feedback is only necessary when a person wants it.
Unlike my feedback score, my listening skills score was twenty-one, which is on the higher end of the scale. I have always been a good listener, so this score came as no surprise to me. One of my listening skills I possess is that I don’t believe that hearing and listening is the same thing. To listen to someone means to listen carefully and comprehend every word that someone is saying. To be able to listen well, you cannot talk more than others. This is another skill. The third listening skill I have is that I avoid saying things like, “good”, or “go on,” when someone is talking. To me that means you are not really trying to listen to what they are trying to say.
The last section of this survey was...

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