Common Beliefs in Religion

Common Beliefs in Religion

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Common Beliefs in Religion

Matt Eaton

Grand Canyon University

BIB 113

Nov. 1, 2009

Common Beliefs in Religion
The Abrahamic religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam are the some of the most followed religions in the world. Their history lies as far back as the earliest records of time and their people are found in every continent on the planet. While their origins and basic beliefs have some similarities each has it’s own distinct beliefs and practices that differ from the others.
Judaism and Islam claim to have their roots in Isaac and Ishmael the sons of Abraham, with Ishmael being a prophet of Islam. Christianity came along at a much later date with the introduction of Jesus Christ. It is also noted that the locations of origin are all very similar each having their foundations somewhere in the Middle East. With Judaism and Christianity originating in Jerusalem and Islam originating in and around present day Saudi Arabia.
All Abrahamic religions are monotheistic, believing in the same one God. However, the Christian faith claims that God is a Trinity, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, comprising a 3 in 1 nature. Regarding the way God speaks to us each holds their own sacred writings as the standard or revelation but all believe in the use of prophets by God. There are many prophets in Islam, Mohammed however, is regarded as the main and final prophet of Islam while Jesus is the Son of God to the Christians, He is regarded as a prophet amongst Muslims. Judaism references the prophets of God as those anointed by God and are mentioned in the Hebrew Bible.
The view of humanity is similar between the three religions. All believe that God is open to communication through prayer and revealed through Scripture, (in each faith the Torah is part of that Scripture) and all believe that God is merciful and yet at the same time just.
All Abrahamic religions hold that free will is something God has given to humanity and that Sin...

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