Communication in relationships

Communication in relationships

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Communication in
June 22, 2015

A couple named Josh and Kate met on a dating website. After
visiting each other several times, Kate is moving to the state and home
in which Josh resides in.

What is Communication?

Communication comes in many forms. It is not always verbal.
Communication can come in the form of gestures and behaviors.
Communication is how people interact with each other.

What Does Communication

Contextual Factors Might Impact Josh and Kate's
Ability to Effectively Communicate

Conflict Management
Privacy Management
Emotional Communication
Instrumental Communication

Five Characteristics that Josh and Kate Can Use to
Demonstrate Healthy Communication

Acknowledge the issue
Listen to the concerns of each other
Collaborate on a solution
Compromise when needed
Implement the solutions

Five Characteristics that Josh and Kate Might Use
to Demonstrate Unhealthy Communication

Ignoring the issues
Name calling or belittling
Being defensive
Being aggressive

The Four Styles of Communication

Passive – Aggressive

How Each Style of Communication Might Be
Demonstrated in Josh and Kate's Relationship
• Aggressive, Demanding the other person move to where they are
located or threaten to break up.
• Passive, always does the traveling instead of alternating trips due to
fear of loosing them.
• Assertive, Wanting to compromise on a location that will work for both.
• Passive – Aggressive, Angry about the move, but doesn’t directly say it.

Which Style is Most Healthy and Why?
• Assertive communication is the Healthiest but not the easiest.
• This is when people are truly honest about their feelings and is
considered to be the best way to ask for what you want and keep in
mind what others want.

Communication is not always...

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