Comp Hacking

Comp Hacking

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Computer Hacking, A Crime?

Computer hacking has been around for as long as we can remember, has it become the new development? To hack was to figure out something through trial and error or logical deduction. Today, a hacker is described as a person who breaks into computers, and spreads viruses. A hacker is a general term for computer criminal. Computer hacking is also known as network hacker. The representation of computer hacking drifted into public alertness in the middle seventies. In time, quite a few of these people entered commerce, and the public's thought of hackers malformed. They were no longer nerds but young, millionaires. The most current news reports have given the expression a more criminal suggestion. Earlier this year, a graduate student named Robert Morris Jr. went on trial for releasing a computer program known as a worm into the enormous Internet, giving virus’s to more than 6,000 computers. In order to allow hackers to speak for themselves, Harper's Magazine recently prepared an electronic discussion and asked some of the nation's best hackers to "log on," discuss the variable notions of up to date speech, and explain what their powers and talents are.

Security problems can happen in any networked situation. Many of the problems are associated to the development of the original plan of the TCP/IP set of internetworking protocols, but the bulk are due to construction or operator errors. Hackers are not just looking for websites or government computers to hack, emergency information systems, controls for dams and locks, financial information, banking information, military communications and much more responsive information travels on the Internet and other communication networks.

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