Company Profile: Cypress Company

Company Profile: Cypress Company

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Cypress Company was founded in 1982 and deals in making semiconductors. It employed more than 1400 people and now consists of five different distinct companies run on the bases of common strategy, vision and management systems. In the year 1989 the company produced and shipped 159 different chips in 7 distinct product categories using 26 different process technology variations. They are planning to add another 50 products to their portfolio. T.J. Rodgers is the sitting CEO of the company. The net worth of the company is estimated to be approximately $200 million.

To succeed over the long run they are doing four things better than their competitors,
• Hire outstanding people and hold on to them
• Encourage everyone in the organization to set challenging goals and meet them
• Allocate key resources (people, capital, and operating expenses) so as to maximize productivity
• Reward people in a way that encourage superior performance rather than demotivate superior performers


• The management is system is applicable for all with no exceptions to anyone i.e. to all departments regardless of how they operate. It means no matter at what hierarchical position you are; you will not be exempted from anything. It is applicable to operational workers as well as the Vice Presidents; hence promotes transparency and system and process ownership.

• The system is more geared towards addressing the universal challenges of business, motivating employees to perform effectively and also towards the productive and optimized allocation of the available resources.
• Since the core purpose of the management system is attention to detail, reports are readily available in an integrated system at all times, It helps to save a lot of time for the management.

• The organization practically runs itself because of the management systems in place that have been applied to control, monitor, evaluate and set the strategic path for every procedure...

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