Comparaison Between Two Short Stories

Comparaison Between Two Short Stories

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In these two short stories, “The Lottery,” by Shirley Jackson and “A Rose for Emily” by William Faulkner, there are several similarities that relate them together. Both stories portrays the struggles one goes to avoid the loss of cultural or family traditions. Death and the criticism of the social class structure have being also discussed in both stories. Both express these aspects of human nature and how they result in the demise of the characters throughout the stories.

In “The Lottery,” the story takes place in a small town where the people are close and tradition is dominant. This story is about a small town where each year people in town were participating in a lottery by tradition. This day, as Mr. Summers is about to start as usual the lottery, Tessie Hutchinson who had forgotten that today was the lottery, hurries to join the crowd. As Mr. Summer begins to call of the name of each household, the male head of each family steps up to Mr. Summers and draws a slip of paper from the box. After the last name has been drawn, every man looks at his slip of paper. When Tessie realizes that her husband has the marked slip, she protests that the process was not fair. After a lot of complains, Mr. Graves puts only five slips of paper into the box, one for each family member who lives in the Hutchinson household. After the children each of them pick a slip of paper and look at it, Tessie is the one who picked the unfortunate slip that conduct her to death by her own friends and family.

“A Rose for Emily,” is a mixed collection of the towspeople’s memories of an elderly woman after her death. The woman, Miss Emily Grierson, lived LONELY LIFE, DUE TO HER INABILITY to adapt to the changing worl. She lived most of her life in solitude, locked up in her old house, refusing contact with the outside world. However, in The Lottery, it ias the town as a whole that is unwhilling to accept change. For no other reason other than the fear of...

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