Comparison of Novel and Movie

Comparison of Novel and Movie

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Relationships In Pride & Prejudice and
Bridget Jones’ Diary

In the novel “Pride & Prejudice” and the movie “Bridget Jones’ Diary”, there are many similarities to the theme of relationships in both novel and film. The theme of relationships highlight the importance and quality back in the early 19th century England and in today’s modern English society.

The importance of relationships in Pride & Prejudice is demonstrated to us by the fact that all the main characters in the novel fall in love and become engaged. The relationship between Darcy and Elizabeth, as well as the relationship between Jane and Bingley show us that true love can overcome all obstacles. Including pride and prejudice based on social class differences and first impressions.
Mrs. Bennet would lead us to think that true relationships were unimportant; she was obsessed about getting her daughters married to rich men as quickly as possible without much consideration about the emotions exchanged between the two sides. We see this clearly when Mrs. Bennet tried to force Elizabeth into marrying Mr. Collins against Elizabeth’s outright refusal of the proposal. Elizabeth understood the importance of the relationship as it would have meant that the Bennet family could continue to stay in the estate once Mr. Bennet dies, but Elizabeth knew that the quality of the relationship would have been far from perfect and this is why she chose not to marry Mr. Collins.
The most significant relationship in the novel is the one between Fitzwilliam Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet; it’s the central theme of the novel and demonstrates why relationships are so important. There relationship shows us that true love can only be achieved after both parties have overcome their pride and prejudice, as this was what prevented them from marrying in the first part of the novel. But after all the dilemma was cleared up between the two and they engaged, we can assume that the couple lived happily ever after as they seem...

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