Comparison of Secondhand and Specialty Stores

Comparison of Secondhand and Specialty Stores

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Topic: Discuss the phenomena of the internet creations like Youtube and Myspace and its effect on popular culture.

Since the discovery of the World Wide Web, the internet has changed modern life as we previously knew it. Society was manual, in the sense that one had to physically do tasks to accomplish them. Getting a bank statement involved making a request in person, music could only be purchased in CD form at an actual store, paying bills meant stuffing an envelope and licking a stamp, and getting directions meant buying a map. The culture now functions at a much faster pace where everything is expected in an instance. The way people live, work and play has been completely altered by the World Wide Web. With everyone using the web as a source of information, even press companies have had to increase the type of content they make available to users. With the way the internet has become a necessity, one has now forgotten what it was like before it was invented.

The average user accesses the internet at least 3 times a month and spends nearly 12 hours a week online. In popular culture, the internet has changed the way we research information, communicate with one another and even enables international shopping from ones’ home. It has also affected the American political system; one way being that parties can view what society finds important. They can then use this information to build a political platform that communicates with the people, raises money and gets more people to vote. Social network sites such as Facebook, Myspace and various blogs are excellent means to reach the vast majority of voters. Politicians use this to obtain potential supporters with similar cultural interests and political views by sending out a message and getting people to vote. This also helps to sway voters towards a particular issue. This in turn helps to get the younger generation more informed and involved in politics.

One of the more recent internet creations,...

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