Competencies of Global Managers

Competencies of Global Managers

Global Manager Competencies

In our globalizing world, the focus is more and more moving towards managers (who are representing the increasingly closer getting companies) and their requested competencies. However, before the competencies dedicated to this special position are defined, a conceptual definition of the term “Global Manager” should initially take place.

As there is not one right definition of this term and scientists are underlying their aspects with various interpretations, the author is considering the following definition of “Global Manager” as appropriate for this investigation.

“A global manager is characterised by the nature of the work he or she does, typically within an organisation with global operations. He or she has the capability to manage amid the complexity of business that is conducted
across divergent cultures and time zones.” (Financial Times Lexicon 2014)

From the definition of the role, it is applicable that a global manager is in charge of various types of employees with different educational as well as ethical background and attitudes. For this reason the manager should prove excellent communication skills. As communication is not only a one-way road, which is providing the manager with the skill of providing feedback, it should also taken into account that a manager is also recognizing the issues and needs of employees through incorporating. (Blum 2014) In this case the communication skills should be divided into first skilful listener, who has full attention/understanding to the needs and concerns of the employees and second adaptable speaker, who is analysing what was heard and adapting his/her communication to a satisfactory outcome. Within this second point the manager should also be able to provide constructive and positive feedback as well as information throughout the whole range of employees, frequently. (Blum 2014)

Moreover, managers form the link between the operational business and the strategic...

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