Components of a Good Boss

Components of a Good Boss

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The Components of a Good Boss

August 5, 2008

The Components of a Good Boss
The role of the manager, or boss, is a critically important role for the success of a company. In most companies there is a hierarchy and depending on the status of the employee, there is usually someone higher up and with more control. An effective boss can actually make a company successful by creating a positive work environment and reducing the high cost of turnover, while at the same time increasing employee work or production. A boss that is ineffective, however, can have disastrous results in a short amount of time.
There are many things to take into consideration when determining what makes a good manager, or boss. A good boss sets an example of the standards expected of employees. Workers often look up to the boss as a role model. In this light a boss is a leader, and therefore leads by example. Providing clear communication is a characteristic I believe is important for a good boss to have. If goals and objectives are not made clear, then the employee has no idea what the expectations of the job are or how to fulfill them. Employees also want recognition for their work. No one likes it when somebody else takes credit for their hard work. Also, for recognition to be meaningful there has to be a goal or vision that is being worked towards. (Posner, 2005)
Another factor that makes a good boss is treating the staff as people. Mary Schanzer, a small business owner in Kansas, stated that it is important to recognize employees as individuals, and it is also important to treat employees fairly and with respect. (2008) When people are treated as important parts of the company it creates a more positive workplace. Workers then want to do better and, in turn, employee production increases.
There is one boss in particular I recall that meets my requirements of being a good boss. This boss (I...

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