Computer Education: An Education of the Modern Generation

Computer Education: An Education of the Modern Generation

There was a time when people used to take the computer as something that only the elite class had access to. But now the computer has become everybody’s requirement. Starting from the small business organizations to the big corporate houses, everything depends upon this man-made wonder. So now it has become very much important for us to empower our future generation by making them computer literate. The schools and the parents have also recognized this need and have implemented computer education in the school curriculum.

Since 1994, the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) has documented the large increase in access to computers and the Internet in the nation's public elementary and secondary schools. To address these critical information needs, NCES commissioned a survey using the Fast Response Survey System (FRSS). The survey found that 99 percent of full-time regular public school teachers reported they had access to computers or the Internet somewhere in their schools.

Computer education means gaining a thorough education in the use of computer technologies that affect us in all aspects of our day to day activities. Today our children’s lives are getting influenced by technology. We find computers in use everywhere, whether it means going to the supermarket or bank. This is because it is faster and helps us complete our work without mistakes. One benefit of the computer is that the children are learning to become smarter. One reason is probably because computer literacy has become a huge job qualification and developing an early comfort zone puts children ahead. No matter whether you are using computers at home or working with the Internet at your home,or freelancing, computer knowledge is extremely critical.

The computer also opens up new windows to us to explore the world and different cultures. Computers are not only storage devices and processing units, but also are excellent communication media. They are the means of accessing...

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