Configure Brip on Mac

Configure Brip on Mac

// BRIPConfiguration.h
// FrontRow
// Created by Patrick McClaughry on 10/5/06.
// Copyright 2006 Apple Computer, Inc. All rights reserved.


// -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
// BRIPConfigInterface
// Right now we only support the primary wired and airport interfaces.
// -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
typedef enum BRIPConfigInterface
kRCIPConfigWired = 0,

} BRIPConfigInterface;

// -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
// BRIPConfiguration
// Instances of this class represent a configuration of how the device should
// attempt to connect to the internet. When initialized from the current
// configuration an instance reflects the current state of network preferences
// and state for the device.
// -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
@interface BRIPConfiguration : NSObject
NSString* _wirelessNetwork;
NSString* _wirelessMACAddress;
NSString* _wirelessIPAddress;
NSString* _wirelessSubnetMask;
NSString* _wirelessRouter;
NSArray* _wirelessDNSAddresses;
long _wirelessSignalQuality;

BOOL _wirelessUseDHCP:1;
BOOL _wirelessActive:1;

NSString* _wiredMACAddress;
NSString* _wiredIPAddress;
NSString* _wiredSubnetMask;
NSString* _wiredRouter;
NSArray* _wiredDNSAddresses;
BOOL _wiredUseDHCP:1;
BOOL _wiredActive:1;

// This method begins the monitoring for network state changes. Monitoring starts
// automatically when this class is used but if you want to start before using
// any instances of this class or you want to cause monitoring to adjust the
// AirPort power, call this explicitly. The default (if you don't call this method)
// if for AirPort power to be left alone.
+ (void)startMonitoringNetworkChanges:(BOOL)adjustAirPortPower;

// Create an instance...

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