Construct Validity and Scale Creation

Construct Validity and Scale Creation

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Psychosocial Development and current Stage of Life

Application Paper

Stephanie Williams

University of Phoenix

Psychosocial Development

According to Erik Erikson, people develop in stages. These stages became known as the psychosocial theory of development. This theory is built on the works of psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud. Erikson like Freud believed that the first five years are important for healthy development. Psychosocial theory differs from psychoanalyst theory in two important ways. The first being that psychosocial focuses on the ego and stresses that humans are conscious. The second is that stages encompass the life span and focus on the interplay of the body, mind and cultural influences that is associated with each stage that occurs within one’s life. Erikson derived eight stages and believes that as humans there is a crisis that is experienced. A crisis is a decisive state, in which the usual coping strategies are taxed, necessitating a restructuring of behavioral responses. A crisis can be seen as an invitation for growth. Each crisis must be dealt with in order for a person to develop and go to the next stage successfully. It is hoped that there will be a positive outcome towards one’s self hood.

Identification of present Stage of Development

When reviewing the stages of development according to Erikson, the ages may vary which is really not that significant. The present stage this learner can identify with is Intimacy vs. isolation. This is the sixth stage of psychosocial theory and is young adolescence. The ages are from 18-40 years old. In this stage, the earlier part, the individual is still seeking true identity. Once this is found the individual will be able to have intimacy. Meaning obtaining one’s sense of who he/she is will pave the way for the individual to have fulfilling and meaningful relationships with friends and when seeking a partner for marriage....

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