contemporary take on God

contemporary take on God


As you can probably imagine, the topic on which I have chosen to write my essay is one shrouded in secrets, mystery and bursting at the seams with controversy. See this paragraph not only as a polite introduction but as a sort of disclaimer. The views expressed in this essay are not intended to cause offence, may not necessarily be completely factual and are simply a small glimpse into my mind with regards to the topic of a supreme deity and religion as a whole.

God is usually thought of as a supreme being and the principle object of a faith depending on the type of faith. There are three major different categories of religion: theism, deism and pantheism. Theism religions such as Christianity are those in which God is not only the creator but also the one responsible for the sustenance of the universe. In a deistic religion, God is the creator of the universe but not necessarily the one responsible for its sustenance. This implies that there are other Gods ensuring that things occur as they should, making the world go round as it were. Pantheistic religions are those in which God is the universe. All very interesting stuff, fascinating concepts, it is no wonder there are so many. The idea of worlds of knowledge which we haven’t tapped into is quite simply tempting thus we have individuals coming with new forms of religion each day in which they possess the most power because they are the founders thus they are the closest to God.

Being a pragmatic person myself, you would think that I am inclined to live by logic and steer clear from things contradictory to scientific laws, correct? Here is where the concept of culture comes in to play. We (British citizens) are part of a multicultural society and live by certain ideals and philosophies. These may include concepts such as “the right to pursuit of happiness”, “each to their own”, “every man for himself and God for us all”. This means of cohabitation most likely stems from the Roman method of...

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