Continuous Grade 1 and 2 oil refining complete equipment

Continuous Grade 1 and 2 oil refining complete equipment

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Continuous Grade 1 and 2 oil refining complete equipment

oils in plants

milling plant

vegetable oil plant

Main features: simple operation, saving Money, suitable for soybeans, rapeseed, cottonseed oil, peanut oil and other oil refining.
Zhengzhou Qi'E Grain and Oil Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional oil equipment manufacturers who was engaged in the production of machinery and equipment for many years, a well-known enterprises, welcome to visit our factory .

Rice bran oil complete equipment 2.Rapeseed oil complete equipment 3.Vegetable oil complete equipment 4. Walnut oil complete equipment 5. Cooking oil complete equipment 6. Sesame oil complete equipment 7. Corn oil complete equipment 8. Soybean oil complete equipment
Xinxiang Jinxin chemical engineering equipment co,.Ltd is mainly focused on all kinds of pressure vessel and machine manufacturing. It is established in 1978 and has much more experience in this field. We now have more than 300 workers, fixed assets is 90000 thousands.And we rewarded ISO9001, manufacture license of special equipment certification, and design license of special equipment certification. And our best seller is grain oil machinery. We produce the complete oil production line, and sell to all the world, such America, Middle east, Africa, Europe etc.
Our company always put the quality and credit on the first place. And we have high technology, perfect management system and complete sales model. I hope we can succeed in the future, depending on our quality and technology. We have set up mechanical design and research institution, oil press machine department, large-sized complete oil equipment department、international trade department、production department. Our business involve in small-sized oil pressing series、grain and oil engineering designing、equipment manufacturing and installing、 project contracting、technical service、new product development、the intensive and deep processing for oil by-products and so on....

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