contract law

contract law

Table of Contents
Introduction 3
1.0 Task 1 – To Write a Report 4
1.1 Essential elements required for the formation of a contract in the UK and their importance 4
1.2 Main types of contracts that may be entered into in the UK by individuals and businesses and their impact. 6
2.1 Discussion of the scenarios in detail in context of various elements of a contract 8
Summarized feedback-1 9
2.0 Task 2 - Short Answers 10
1.3 Analysis of the terms of a contract their meaning and effect 10
2.2 Application of the law on terms in different contracts. 12
2.3 Evaluation of the effect of different terms in given contracts. 13
Summarized Feedback-2 13
3.0 Task-3 To write a Letter 14
4.1 Application of the tort of negligence and stating possible defense from different cases 14
3.1 To contrast between nature of liability in contract and nature of liability in Tort 16
3.2 Explaination of the importance of ‘Donoghue v Stevenson 1932’ in the development of the concept of ‘duty of care’ and to include an explanation of the ‘neighbour principle’. 17
Summarized Feedback- 3 17
4.0 Task-4 Short Answers 18
4.2 Discussion on whether Bill is liable of negligence and if XYZ diaries can be held vicariously liable 18
P3.3 Explanation of how a business can be held responsible for the Wrong committed by the employees and an example of when the employer would not be held responsible for Wrongs of its employees. 19
Summarized Feedback-4 19
Conclusion 20
References 21


2.0 Task 2 - Short Answers

1.3 Analysis of the terms of a contract their meaning and effect

Contract which consist of some term and condition between the parties for specific object where term and condition give the outline to demonstrate parties’ activities in the contract (Beven, 2014). Ignore the term in the contract by one parties will be negative effect on the contract relationship among between the parties .Though term depends on...

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