Corporate Citizenship Behaviors

Corporate Citizenship Behaviors

Class 1 - Managing for Excellence in Work Organizations
Corporate Citizenship Behaviors

■ Enrich understanding of how to create, foster and manage organizations in which people thrive and perform at their best--key to organizational excellence
■ How to unlock greatness in people--self, others, groups/teams
■ Based on exciting new field, Positive Organizational Scholarship

■ Along the way
■ Reveal your theory of practice (implicit attitudes, basis of behavior; think critically about why you have these attitudes and engage in these behaviors)
■ Build on it (build on, perhaps rethink your implicit theory of practice)
■ Readings
■ Reflections
■ Discussions
■ Cases
■ Put it to test (move from theory to action)
■ Open up new possibilities (think outside the box, consider new ideas and practices that are real and really work)

SWA Approach to downsizing:

CEO Herb Kelleher said:
“Nothing kills your company’s culture like layoffs. Nobody has ever been furloughed [at Southwest], and that is unprecedented in the airline industry. It’s been a huge strength of ours. It’s certainly helped us negotiate our union contracts. One of the union leaders came in to negotiate one time and he said, ‘we know we don’t need to talk with you about job security.’
“We could have furloughed at various times and been more profitable, but I always thought that was short-sighted. You want to show your people that you value them, and you’re not going to hurt them just to get a little more money in the short term.
“Not furloughing people breeds loyalty. It breeds a sense of security. It breeds a sense of trust. So in bad times you take care of them, and in good times they’re thinking, ‘We’ve never lost our jobs. That’s a pretty good reason to stick around.’ ”

Drivers of Excellence @ SWA

■ Fostering positive social capital (2)...

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