Corporate Culture Leadership Actions for Strategy Implementation Southwest

Corporate Culture Leadership Actions for Strategy Implementation Southwest

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Case Southwest Airlines
BUS 599

Corporate Culture/Leadership Actions for Strategy Implementation
There are three basic areas that comprise the corporate culture of the Southwest Airlines, which are compensation, core value, and management style. Aside from that, their entire organization structure also encompasses many other areas. For instance, their core values are focused on fun and LUV. It can be recalled that the LUV has been one of the famous trademark of the company that they used for their recruitment campaign. In the long run, this theme was then used for the treatment of employees and other stakeholders. This means that everyone is compelled to treat each other with dignity. They also added up some touch of creativity to it such as putting red hearts on the banners and posters to constantly remind employees of how they should deal with their co-employees and customers.
The next aspect of the core value was fun, which is greatly exuded by the attitude of the employees towards their work. Amazingly, the daily routing in Southwest Airlines would always include series of parties, jokes, and pranks. All these are seen to boost the morale of the employees and make them love their jobs more. Southwest Airlines made sure that all of the team managers were able to make their employees feel proud about the company that they are working for, by conducting informal discussions with their subordinates, and making sure that their voices are heard and addressed.
Upon entering the organization, it is highly noticeable that the managers are really friendly enough that the employees can readily have an open communication with them. Moreover, employees are also motivated by the compensation that they receive from the company, and fortunately, these employees are receiving above industry wages, plus attractive benefit packages. The employees can also...

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