Leadership Action Plan

Leadership Action Plan

What actions will you take to become a more effective leader?
Leadership qualities:
List the qualities or skills that you want to improve or achieve.

What action will you take to meet your goals to develop these qualities or skills?

(For example, solicit more feedback, complete a skill development course,
attend a conference, read a leadership book, practice, etc. Please provide specific and detailed information.)

When will you commence these actions?
Where will you practice these new leadership qualities or skills? Who will be involved in your process?
Confidence and self-esteem

Eat good food, maintain healthy, balanced diet.
Dress in clothes what make feel confident, that make me feel good about myself
Get a hobby – to do something i am passionate about

By October 2015
I will involve my husband. When I am happy with him, I feel higher than heaven, that makes me feel comfortable and inspired of doing everything. I will practice it at work.

Delegation skills

Complete a skill development course at Lynda.com.
Read a leadership book
Watch movie Secret

By October 2015
I wish to train these skills at work, as at the moment lack of this skills is very negative for my work environment. I will involve my manager, as I will seek for help in teaching me how to become a proper delegator

Critical Thinking
Participate in seminars
Watch educative movies where this topic is wifely open
Communicate with successful people

By January 2016
I need this skill in life. Everyone can help me in learning this life subject – from peers to managers.
Where exactly – at my job on the cruise ship, i often have triage situations there, where fast decisions have to be made.

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