Action Plan

Action Plan

An employee should be evaluated on both quantitative and qualitative by the company. The reason for this is because an employee can do a large quantitative of work but the qualitative of work can be horrible and visa versa. The company makes money based of the work an employee does. An employee needs to have a good balance between the two in order to make sure the company is profitable.

The pro to using the quantitative approach is that a company can compare and contrast employee performances against each other. A con to this approach is that not every person’s learning ability is the same, so it may not be fair to compare employees. The pro to using the quantitative approach is that it is actually measuring the employees work progress and what they are offering the company. There can not really be any cons to this approach because it is all based on actually facts.

My company there was an employee who had sold a lot of phones, but for as many phones he sold he had that many returns. His sales numbers might have been high, but he was not being honest with the customers. The quantity was good, but quality was horrible. That is was he passed over for a promoting because of that. He was actually costing the company more money by having customers return the items purchased.

Performance management can be approached in many different ways. One of the debates that has continued over the years is the question of whether to have a quantitative or qualitative approach to evaluating employees. Analyze the pros and cons in this debate and share your personal perspective based on your experience.

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