Motivation Action Plan

Motivation Action Plan

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Employee Portfolio: Motivation Action Plan

Determine the motivational strategy or strategies that would likely be most appropriate for each of your three employees on basis of their individual characteristics. Indicate how you would leverage their employee evaluations to motivate each of the three employees. Describe one or more of the motivational theories and explain how the theories connect to each of your selected motivational strategies.

Team Member Name
Summary of Individual Characteristics
Motivational Strategy and Action Plan
Relevant Theory


In employee engagement and current emotions Taron scored high, however for job satisfaction he scored on the low side. The best way to increase the job satisfaction rating would be to look into things like increased job responsibilities, compensation, or possible promotions. Taron is solid in his commitment to projects and has great motivation. Taron works to keep a positive attitude and does his best to stay engaged while at work. The company must work at increasing his job satisfaction to maintain good behavior within the workplace.

The best motivational strategy for Taron would be to allow him an opportunity to participate with management. With the knowledge base and skills Taron has making him a small part of the decision making process would allow him to see the trust and confidence the company has in him. Also allowing him to be part of decisions will enable him to be more independent, more productive, allow him to exert control and assist in his own job satisfaction. While this strategy will help management with organizational communication it will also assist Taron by becoming a contributing member of a decision making team.
Best feedback evaluation plan would be to use the 360-Degree evaluation method. BY using this method Taron will benefit from feedback from peers as well as management.
In relation to Taron, the theory that...

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