Counseling Info INterview

Counseling Info INterview

Career Researched: Licenced Practical Nurse(LPN)

Informational Interview for Career Decision Making

Student’s Name: Date: 13 April 2014

Employer Name: Monique Eusebio Phone: (619)274-5562

Company: Friendship Development Services - Rescare

Address: 2425 Hoover Ave

City: National City State:CA

1. What type of formal training have you had?

15 months of school along with hands on training and skilled nursing facilities

2. What fields have you worked in over the years?

---- Customer service and Healthcare

3. What other training or experiences have you had that were helpful to you?

---- CPR

4. What other occupations did you consider before deciding on this one?

---- IT (informational technologist), computer science

5.  Will you describe briefly an average day’s activities?
 ------- administer medications by mouth or through a PEG tube.
----- provide care for the developmentally disabled who can not perform the activities of daily living eg: bathing, eating, walking.
6.  What do you like best about your present position?
 ---- providing care for clients who can not care for themselves. The gratitude that they express when caring for them.
7.  What do you dislike most about your present positing?
 ----- the pressure that you are responsible on taking care of someone’s life.
8.  What are the main problems or frustrations you encounter at your work?
 ----- time management and it’s a very physical job that requires you to use extra strength when proving care.
9.  What activities other than your job are you involved with that are a source of satisfaction to you?
 --- I like to read books and watch netflixs (:
10.  What kinds of training or experiences would be helpful to the person entering your field now?
-training with healthcare related jobs like CNA or medical assistant.
--- care for an elderly, or any one that is developmentally disabled.  
11.  What advice do...

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