Counting Story

Counting Story

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Once upon a time, in a faraway land, there lived a girl named Dorthy, who had dog named Toto. Dorthy lived with her Uncle Sammy, her Aunt Gabby and her cousin Jamie. They were all getting ready to go on a trip, and Aunt Gabby let Jamie bring her favorite video game console as well as five of your games. Jammie was really excited, she wondered many ways can she choose the five games if you have 12 games in all?
12C5 = (12)!/(5!×(12-5)!)=(12)!/(5!×(7)!)
=(12 ×11×10×9×8×7!) /(5!×7!) = 792

Once they got back, they rested. But Dorthy and Toto were playing outside. All of sudden it started getting really windy. They hurried inside to find Uncle Sammy awaiting them while Aunt Gabby was in the kitchen, they too were worried. Soon after, the house began to shake. Jamie ran down the stairs yelling, “Earthquake!” It lasted for 2 minutes. Uncle Sammy decided to get everyone together in line to do a head count, but he didn’t know in what way to line them up.

Right after their house starting shaking again, but this time it was no earthquake. It was a hurricane. Dorthy found herself caught up in it as their house broke apart and tossed into the air. Dorthy awoke with Toto to her side, but they were certainly not home. Back in those days, when an hurricane occurred someone had to come up with a name for it. Dorthy decided to rearrange her name and Toto’s all together and that will be the name of the hurricane.
“You have to consider the letters that are repeated,” warned Toto.

She later on decided to name the hurricane Yothotrdot. Her and Toto were hungry so they went on and found a garden of fruits, Dorthy ate in one half of the garden and Toto ate in the other half. They ate until their bellies were full. As they continued their journey, Dorthy found out that Toto was very sick. So they went to visit a doctor. The doctor examined Toto and came up with his conclusion.
“There is a possibility that your dog had Deciduouss, it is a...

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