Country Risk Analysis

Country Risk Analysis

Part 1: Country Risk Analysis

You are to prepare an in-depth analysis of the country selected for investment by your corporate board, providing an insight into the country’s political, economic and business environment including competitiveness, laws and attitude towards foreign investment, demographics and markets, risk factors and such other technological and environmental factors.

Your Company wants open one or preferably two manufacturing facilities. Looking at your Report, the decision maker should be able to identify very clearly the risk factors, investment trends, characteristics, critical factors for success, etc.

In this part of the Study, you are required to submit an overview of the region and country that you have selected/ have been nominated for your Group.


➢ Asia – The Emerging Powerhouse
➢ Sri Lanka – The Sleeping Tiger or In the Tigers’ lair
o Overview
o Key Facts & Data
o Current Events
o Political Outlook
▪ Overview of the Current Government
▪ Leadership Profile
▪ Summary of the Most Recent Elections
▪ Leading Political Parties
▪ Forecast for the Next Elections – if applicable
▪ International Relations Outlook
▪ Potential Conflict – LTTE War
▪ Potential Conflict - Other issue
▪ Military Capabilities
▪ Key Political Issue
▪ Political Risk Outlook What is the current political scenario

o Economic Environment
▪ Economic Overview
▪ GDP Growth Forecasts
▪ Key Sector Forecasts
▪ Inflation Forecasts
▪ Foreign Trade Forecasts
▪ Foreign Investment Forecasts
▪ Exchange Rate Forecasts
▪ Outlook for Key Sector
▪ Key Economic Issue
▪ Economic...

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