Alumina Risk Analysis

Alumina Risk Analysis

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Risk Analysis Matrix
Risks and Probability Consequence and Severity Mitigation Techniques and Strategies
• Credibility issue: a very critical question should be answered before approaching this plan; is the company in a position that acquires the public trust?

• A negative respond to the new story might be set on the table, and the company will find itself in a position to defend their morals again.

• The content of the issue to be released is vital; the main goal is not just distracting the public away from the EPA issue, but also prove that the company is not practicing in a way violates environmental procedures, and there is a big risk the content does not deliver that.
Alumina is already in a critical position regarding it’s credibility in the eyes of the public. If the main goal of the new story is only to distract people from the truth then the severity of the consequences of that will be high considering the main issue which is fixing a story which turning to be a scandal by time. • Small survey can be useful in this case. Before going public in any announcement Alumina could make sure first that the majority of the public will actually listen or at least consider the other story.

• Proof is what every one needs in this case. Combing the new story with the site study might be useful

• Media will play a huge part in this alternative, and it is almost certain that the media will take Bates side and put the company in a position where the public will always be judging their actions.

• It is obvious how Bates is frustrated about her family member being sick. This illness may have nothing to do with the company’s procedure regarding waste dumping, but Alumina is the one being blamed. There is a big risk of Bates reaction, and things might get even more complicated.
Since Bates respond to the idea of discussing the whole matter cannot be predicted; the result of this idea might be ugly to the company. Even...

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