Courage to Confess

Courage to Confess

So what I wanna to share now is COURAGE TO CONFESS (CTC).
Don't understand ma?
I will elaborate it further more.
I'm a very straight forward girl who look like a tomboy too, is a big sister in front of my friends and a brother to the guys. So whatever I do is very straight forward, I will not delay any time of making decision. Some might say me as stubborn but I don't think so. I do think just that some of things you can't really think much too. Because the final result you thinking only an imagination of yours. Nothing is real at all.

So I want to tell everyone, single or not single, bring up your courage to confess to your love ones, like your family, friends or your beloved ones. Tell them so that they know what your feeling towards them. Even though in the end, you are rejected, it's okay. At least you do it and will not guessing anymore about his feeling towards you. Because you and him/her still can be friends even though you are rejected.

Use myself to be an example:
(I've been through these too)
If I found my beloved ones, I definitely will go and confess even though I know the chance of rejection is very high. In the past, I have confessed few times, and I got one success. The percentage might be low but if you don't try, you never know the outcome.

Although I'm single and have not find my desired one yet but I wish all people who are reading this post to get their true love. And hope that my post will bring your courage up too.
Think too much might not be the best!

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