Creating Better Landing Pages

Creating Better Landing Pages

Creating high-converting landing pages
Seven Steps to Success Guide
Dr Dave Chaffey Published: October 2011

Plan > Reach > Act > Convert > Engage

Creating high-converting Landing Pages
Seven Steps to Success Guide

Set objectives Understand visitor needs Engaging your visitor

03 Introduction 08 Step 1 Set your landing page objectives 13 Step 2 Understand your visitor needs 17 Step 3 Engaging your visitor

Creating the best page layout Compelling content and creative

20 Step 4 Create the optimal page layout 24 Step 5 Compelling content and creative 27 Step 6 Increasing brand credibility and trust 28 Step 7 Improving results

Increasing brand trust and credibility Improving resulsts

Creating high converting landing pages
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This guide explains all the steps you need to take to create effective landing pages. Landing pages are simplified pages designed to get the highest conversion when a visitor arrives from specific media like paid search, affiliate marketing or an offline campaign.

Set objectives

What is a landing page?
You can think of a landing page as any page where visitors enter a site. But in this guide, our advice is about improving pages specifically created to increase conversion to lead where you collect visitors details through a form for follow-up marketing activity to convert to sale. Examples of where these types of landing pages work well include: þ Leads for business-to-business services like software (see the example on the next page) þ High-value consumer services like holidays, mortgage applications or laser eye treatment It’s most common to create these type of landing pages when you’re paying for site visitors by running a Google Adwords or banner campaign. Alternatively, if you’re running a print ad, direct mail or TV campaign, you may want to have a...

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