Creation of a Robust and More Business Competitive Organization

Creation of a Robust and More Business Competitive Organization

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2.0 Introduction

InterClean’s merger with EnviroTech has not only created robust and more business competitive organization. Part three of this report is about performance and career management of post merger InterClean’s employees. Performance management helps employees by indicating present direction and employee’s desired direction. It includes defining, facilitating and encouraging your employees. Career management is to have some control over destinies so that opportunities can be manipulated in order to have maximum success and satisfaction from the career. This report explains employee’s feedback, encouraging their performance, available opportunities to employees and dual parents, diversity adaptation and justification of this report.
3.0 Feedback System

Feedback is very important component to enhance employee’s performance and align employee’s efforts to the organizational goals. Feedback will be given by measuring performance against objectives set in performance standards, job analysis and organization goals. Following methods will be used for feedback.
3.1 Real time feedback

It is well known that feedback is most effective when it is given immediately following the behavior in question. Mangers will track employee’s performance on regular bases and providing feedback. Method of providing real time feedback will be verbal and in form of emails and memos. Managers will require to keep records of real time feedbacks.
3.2 Performance Appraisals

Performance appraisal will be done once in a year. Appraisal form has been created and all managers will use same appraisal format and standards to do appraisals. Main objectives of appraisal would be:

• To improve employees’ work performance by helping them realize and use their full potential in carrying out organizational goal.
• Appraisals will provide legal and formal organizational justification for employment decisions and serves as a key input for administering a formal organizational...

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