Critical Analysis of the Office

Critical Analysis of the Office

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Dylan Woodie
Professor Cabannis
Freshman Comp.
14 Mar. 2013

The Office: Critical Analysis

Anyone that knows anything about running a business should know what it takes and what you need to be successful. If you think of the most successful business in the world I am sure you would imagine everyone working hard, coming to work early, leaving late, in serious moods, no time for chit-chat, etc. However, some office branches aren’t exactly the most professional establishments such as the Dunder Mifflin Scranton Branch. “The Office” is a hit comedy on NBC that shows how an adequate paper company gets the job done. “The Office” portrays the characters as office personnel with goofy, off-task and sometimes just stupid characteristics. Anyone could be able to tell that the office staff is wrongfully stereotyped but then again the show is funny so not every viewer would be expected to see that. This comedy focuses on the daily hijinks and shenanigans of the less professional setting yet the branch runs very successfully and little work is shown for it.
The main characters seen in the show include the manager Michael Scott, his number two Jim Halpert, the best salesman Dwight Schrute, The receptionist Pam Beasley, The accounting team Kevin, Oscar, and Angela, The sales crew Stanley, Phyllis, and Andy, and other minor characters. Michael is wrongfully stereotyped as the boss who runs the branch but he is everything that a boss shouldn’t be. Instead of hard-working and focused, he is always pulling pranks, being obnoxious, and off task. Dwight is the best salesman in the entire branch yet he is not the typical employee of the month. Dwight is a beet farmer when he is not at work, he violent and has various weapons hid throughout the office, and is a huge nerd. Kevin is a member of the accounting team that does all the math related work in the office. This character is wrongfully stereotyped because instead of short and smart like an accountant would be...

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