In the article “Why Chinese Mothers are Superior” the author, Amy Chua, provides the

argument that strictness and negative reinforcement are the most effective ways for a child to

reach success. Chua is a mother of two, and has chosen to raise her children the way her culture

has taught her to. This is a very controversial issue due to the massive differences between the

Chinese and American parenting method.

Chua believes that American parents are too easy and not demanding enough to raise a

successful child. Her view states that when the child has given up on something, that’s when

they should be pushed the hardest to accomplish their goals. She believes that through criticism

and punishment, the child will be properly motivated to succeed on their own. In her eyes, these

methods are the first-rate way to prepare a child for the future. They provide the child with work

habits and inner confidence that no one can ever take away.

Chua’s view of parenting originated from hundreds of years of Chinese tradition with the

goal of building the most productive, morally competent individual that was possible. She has

an immeasurable amount of confidence that her method is the true legitimate way to be an

exceptional parent. Although she has a massive amount of experience and knowledge of her

method, she appears to have an uninformed biased view of how American parenting really is.

The Chinese method is extremely meaningful to their culture, which is something that the

majority of Chinese people honor and hold true. The same cannot be said about the American

method. Americans don’t have one view of how children should be raised, due to the amount of

diversity and traditions that are upheld side by side one another.

Though Chua’s tradition has benefits to building morals and initiative, I believe they

ultimately take away from the true reasons for living....

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