Cross Cultrual

Cross Cultrual

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Cultural Awareness Knowledge:
MGT501-Module 1 SLP

Cultural Awareness Knowledge
Cultural awareness has become an important part of doing business for many companies. Advancements in technology and the ability to travel around the world with ease, has created a need to understand many cultures. We are now living in a world where cross-cultural experiences happen in business, education, and pleasure. The need for cross-cultural knowledge has produced fields of studies such as cross-cultural studies and cross-cultural communications. The purpose of this paper is to provide a summary of three cultures: South Korea, Mexico, and China. A quiz related to each country determined my cultural knowledge of each country. Although there were, several countries to choose from the selection I choose each country based on the belief that I was familiar with the country.
South Korea Cross-cultural Quiz
The first quiz I took was on South Korea, I chose South Korea because I had traveled there twice in my lifetime. I assumed that because I have been to South Korea that I was familiar with the culture. I am not one to stay confined to only areas of comfort when I visit another country. I like to get out see the sites and socialize with local national in doing so I get to interact with the culture. When I first began the quiz, I did not realize that there was a time limit once noticed the timer I began to rush through the quiz. After completing the quiz, I received my score I was shocked at the low score. I have received a score of 0.0 out of a possible 7.0 the passing score for the quiz was a 5.95 I completed the quiz in five minutes. I do not think the time limit was a factor in my score. I simply was not as knowledgeable on South Korea as I thought. I was now determined to do better on the next quiz (Kwintessential’s Services, 2013).

Mexico Cross-cultural Quiz
The next country I selected was Mexico my logic for selecting...

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