Cross Cultural Communication Matrix

Cross Cultural Communication Matrix

Cross Cultural Communication


To conduct business in China one has to speak low and in a gentle voice and show little to no emotions during a conversation. For people with loud voices and emotional expression are seen as lack of self-control. In China one should try not to touch other people Chinese people in a business environment and control ones hand gesture when speaking, for this can be distracting. Chinese people do not like to much eye contract for this is seen are rude. Before business can be established in China one will have to build a trustful relationship, for Chinese will not conduct business with someone he or she does not trust. To strengthen ones business in China one will have to learn to respect the culture and try using a local person to help with negotiation.

Pakistan does not care how one express his or herself, for the Pakistan people communicate directly and indirect, that leaves room for a better communication during business. However, one has to address the senior person in charge within the business or family and humor takes place only if one has established relationship with seniority. The people of Pakistan does not believe one should have eye contact unless it is with someone of equal of lesser hierarchy, and the touching is only allowed for same sex gender. For touching of the opposite sex is a serious offense. Upon conducting a business meeting the Pakistan person would ask questions of one’s family as a courtesy. As a businessmen in Pakistan it is rude to say “no” for any reason, for this reason businesspeople in Pakistan find alternative method to respond. The best communication Pakistan has is the direct and indirect communication for this benefit people to use the best communication style. One must remember seniority is the most important and highest respect in an organization.
The persons of Kenya do not care what method of communication one use in the business world as long as one show...

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