Assignment - International Business Communication Adn Cross-Cultural Environment

Assignment - International Business Communication Adn Cross-Cultural Environment

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EG3009 Assignment 2: Written Business Report

• To encourage critical analysis of realities of international business communication
• To elicit suitable recommendations for strategies to ensure successful business relationships and outcomes in a cross-cultural environment.
• To further develop linguistic and rhetorical skills in the writing of a business report

What you must do:
This is a written assignment of about 3000 words and it constitutes 75% of the total assessment for this module (the audio-visual presentation has a weighting of 25%).

You are a Business Communication Consultant specialising in intercultural collaboration. You have been commissioned to write a report providing recommendations to a client company on an initiative which it is considering.

You will be allocated a particular topic and then must

- Read the relevant Case Study/Article (posted on WOLF)
- Research the area of operations and the various (business) cultures involved
- Relate that information to your imagined client
- Use that information to outline the major difficulties and obstacles your client company may face
- Propose and evaluate steps that might be taken to overcome these problems
- Choose from among the possible steps and make recommendations to your client

The report should provide evidence that you can critically analyse the importance of intercultural communication in support of international business communication.

Your assignment should also demonstrate use of your personal transferable (key) skills including your ability to:

• communicate effectively using written, visual and electronic methods;
• gather information from local and remote sources;
• use information and communications technology (ICT) effectively;
• work independently;
• engage in investigations and purposeful self-directed research.

Your assignment will be marked using the general criteria appropriate for a written assignment in this field at this...

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