Customer Review for Kudler Fine Food Services

Customer Review for Kudler Fine Food Services

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Review from the customer perspective and maintenance and update

In my review of the Kudler website from a customer’s review, Kudlers web presence states the four basic things that a perspective customer would want to know before visiting this type of high-end grocery store
1. Store hours
2. Location of the store
3. Departments within the store
4. Varity of the items and goods located in the store

Kudler is a High-end grocery store and there customers’ expect more to be able to locate and purchase items from local region, national items and specialty items not available in other local grocery stores. Based upon the web site, I would expect the store to have more gourmet items than not and item from around the world that shoppers that frequent these types of store come to expect. The bakery makes its’ own brand of baked goods daily meaning shoppers have the opportunity to receive items in this department that was either just made or made sometime that day. The meat department specializes in grinding their own meat, live seafood caught locally and delivered daily, beef, duck, pheasant and quail. The produce department offers a large varieties of fresh fruits and vegetables, the same that you could expect if you went to a farmers market. Kudler also boasts an Asian specialty produce department carrying not only Asian fruits and vegetables but spices and herbs. Finally the wine department, Kudler prides itself on its’ selection of imported wine offering an extensive collection of domestic and imported alike. Kudler also employees a “wine steward” to assist customers with wine selection, a wine appreciation class and weekly wine tasting sessions to expose it’s customers to their selection of wine and gourmet cheese.

The maintenance of the Kudler web site is straightforward. Each page on the index page as well as the sub pages are all uniformly the same and all built in HTML and any design changes will need to be performed on each...

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