Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction






In modern hospitality industry, one of the most significant best practices and strategies put forward is customer satisfaction by exceeding expectations. Hospitality industry is the fastest growing industry with innovation, changes and challenges every single day. Both employees and managers are the first point contact to overcome or face these challenges and changes and at the same time maintain customer satisfaction.

Research Aim:

The main purpose of this study is to understand and explore the methods that can be utilized for achieving customer satisfaction and increasing service expectations in stand-alone restaurants. The outcome achieved from this research will help restaurant owners, decision makers and managers to determine proper means of service quality finally resulting in providing value for the customer.

The study will help in evaluating service in regards to understanding ways to measure, meet and exceed expectations and service quality. This research will be of an added advantage for the stand-alone restaurants in Singapore; as it will focus on problems related to quality of service and compare restaurants in 5 star hotels and chain of restaurants. The research will make proper recommendation for pacifying the issues.

Research Objective:

The main objective of the proposed study is to understand customer expectations and their perceptions of stand-alone restaurants in Singapore by accessing customer expectations and perception of service quality. This will be accessed as the basis for investigating and identifying the challenges experienced in regards to satisfaction and strategy development of...

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